Monday, September 28, 2009


If you're like me you sometimes have trouble recognizing digital modes when you hear them. Sure, you recognize PSK when you hear it, but can you tell the difference between PSK31 and PSK64? Or how about MFSK and Olivia? If not then RSID is perfect for you.

The Reed Solomon IdentifIer system (RSID) provides automatic identification of 103 digital modes using a short tone on transmit (1.4 seconds) similar to MFSK encoding. When received, RSID identifies the digital mode and -- depending on the particular software package -- displays the mode and a clickable link to tune to the transmission, and automatically begins decoding. To date there are four programs aimed at the amateur radio market that include RSID.
  • DM780 (part of Ham Radio Deluxe)
  • FLdigi
  • Multipsk
As digital modes proliferate, RSID-enabled decoding may well be the most useful software package in your shack.
-Steve KB3IHX

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